Saturday, November 1, 2008

We had a great Halloween! And you?

A very Bewitching Halloween this year!
Here is my entorage of pics! (and some jason took ;)
My favorite part of Halloween this year was the way my kids behaved! Graden is a stinken slow poke! He just chilled at each person's house, waved, talked to their animals, waved again, and finally Jason would snatch him up and take him to the next house! But the really cute part was when the girls would get to the house way before Graden they would kindly tell the person that they have a cowboy brother with a hat and boots that is a little behind them. They were so concerned about him being included. It's that kind of thing that warms a mothers heart!

Angels in the back seat?


Scary Angel?

We took Graden's cowboy shirt off during lunch and he went on the run as we walked to the car! I think the wranglers, boots, and big belt really make him feel like a true cowters!

This fine young Clark Kent is my dear sweet BFF Brock! We became friends at the State St. branch! We went down to see them and to show our adorable kids off! We missed Jenn and forgot to snap a picture of Andie! My other BFF!

This is my old friend Isaac! I actually trained him at Key Bank and now he is all grown up! (sigh) :) Great costume Choulis!

My lil' shimmer!

Sparkles all around!


Fixin' the buckle! But we can't fix his mood!

Me and my McGraw!

Jason is loosing his camera priviliges!

Nice hat!

My lil Cowboy!

Self Portrait!

Scary entrance! But they did have FULL SIZE CANDY! (Holla for Jason)

The cutest pumpkin family!

Plum tuckered cowboy!

Exhausted Angels!

Graden and his mini mm's!

Taylor and her twizlers!

Nattie and her kitkat!

9 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Alli Blue said...

I am sooooo mad! I just sat here for 45 minutes and posted all these pictures with comments and they are off a few pics! Grrrr! Sorry! Guys! I am not fixing it!

Tonya said...

Yeah I was SOO confused! j/k. Loved the pictures of your bum the best . .. Collin thought that was great! (that Jason did that, that is.) Cute costumes!

Leah said...

That is too funny cuz the whole time I was like, um that caption probably went with that other pic! Too funny, sometimes this blogging stuff gets me so frustrated too... anyways, I loved all the pics. Cute little angels! And Graden makes the perfect cowboy! And three kids later you still have a nice butt! LOL!!

Joleen said...

Great job on the costumes!
How late did you have to stay up to get those done?

Mark and Lachelle said...

I'll have to disagree with you... I quite like Jason's camera skills :) Why did he lose his priveledge? Ha ha! Too funny! Love the angel costumes...and I'm totally diggin the Tim Mcgraw! I love the little cowboy boots. Classic!

Danny and Laura said...

Those angel costumes turned out great. The girls look so beautiful! Graden looks like a stud!

Pam said...

How fun! They all look awesome. Your blog is always perfect it makes the rest of us feel better when its not quite. You still get what you were saying.
Love you Pam

sherman and juliette said...

Cute costumes, those are some very cute angels and one handsome little cowboy! and nice bum too!

Natalie said...

Love Graden's little boots and wranglers! The girls definitely look like Angels!

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