Sunday, January 25, 2009

a first.....

I am going to post without pictures????? huh???? It's true! Instead of pulling my camera out at all the cute moments from this past Saturday I just sat back and enjoyed them.
Jason and I took the kids to the West Boise YMCA to go swimming Saturday morning. It's only $17.00 for us all to swim, and the kids love the kiddie pool. As do I because I can contain them and not go on freak out mode! We all swam. Ok, Jason and I floated & scrapped our tooshies along the bottom. The girls are timid in the water, not the dare devils you would think. haha. But give them 15 minutes and they are rip roarin' to go! Graden took a bit longer. But as soon as he slid his soggy little britches down that turtle slide he was hooked! We were there for just under 2 hours. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Burger King.....HIGH ROLLERS YA'LL!

Jason asked me out on a date for that night! I know, my social calender is off the hook! We took the kids to Grammy's and went to the BSU v. Cal-Poly wrestling match. You may think I am groaning at the thought of going to another wrestling match but I am not. I enjoy going. I enjoy doing things Jason likes. And, over the years I have learned a ton about the sport. The "unies" no longer make me want to puke and swallow. But sometimes the "awkward" positions make me laugh, which in turn, makes Jason laugh!
We met up with some friends at the match (Collin and Tonya Robertson). We crashed their Chili's date! Good food, good company!
The SUB was super busy for bowling so we walked around, admired some "art" and some very official Boise State employees and then headed home. Jason and I stopped at Baskin Robbins, mmmmmmmm..... then got the kids!

It was a super fun day. You will have to use your imagination as to what the pictures "would" have looked like. (But please don;t picture me in a swim suit YIKES!!!!!)

xoxo alli

7 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Joleen said...

Sounds like fun!!!
My hubby took me on a temple date Friday morning! It was so nice!

Angie said...

A date. What in the world is that? :)

Tonya said...

hee hee! We didn't end up bowling either it was a 2 hour wait at Westy's! So we went to DQ!! holla! We're glad you came BTW.

Natalie said...

Oh how I miss the SUB! Wish I could double with you sometime. Love and miss you tons!

Did you go with us that one time we went to the Y and went swimming...we were so cool!

Mark and Lachelle said...

I totally agree with Natalie!! I miss the SUB! I remember me, Natalie, and Leah got in trouble there, because of our bowling names. Let's see, I believe Leah's name was "Gutter slut." I was "Rent-a-whore." I forgot yours Nat. Were you "Brittany Spares?" Anyhoos, needless to say, they told us we couldn't use those names anymore at the SUB. Good times.

And I wanna know where the pictures are of you in your swimming suit?!! I wanna see some skin! Holla!!!

Leah said...

Oh my gosh... totally bugged! I just left you a long comment and then it got deleted cuZ I was antsy and pushed the button twice... ugh! Just wanted to say that I remember those SUB days and those were some of the best times that I will never forget!

Also I like posts w/out pics once in awhile. It's so nice to just enjoy an outing without always having to remember to pull out your camera and get the right shot. And sounds like you and Jason had a great time. It's so nice to go out with our sweetie no matter what you end up doing. So nice to be without the kids every now and then too!

Harry and Jill said...

I loved this post. Pics are fun but this was really cool. You have way with words as does JJ. Huggggggggggs Jill

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