Sunday, January 11, 2009

Youth Sledding Trip! ~Terrace Lakes, Idaho

We took the youth on a Planning Retreat this last weekend. We met at the Garden Valley Chapel and planned out the activities for the next year. There were a lot of good ideas. We had an awesome lunch, good snacks, and even some Black Cherry Shasta! We headed up a few miles to Terrace Lakes to sled. I was not planning on sledding, but after getting to the top, it was inevitable! We had a blast going up and down the hill. The kids were inventing new ways to combine sleds and make things faster! I am really glad I went. I needed the fresh air!

3 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

sherman and juliette said...

What a good idea, that makes planning activites fun for the girls and not to menchin the leaders! I think we could all use a bit of fresh air. I bet the girls just love you!

Mark and Lachelle said...

You had me at Black Cherry Shasta!

Leah said...

I miss some good ole sledding. Looks like you have a blast with the youth. Perfect calling for you, you are so much fun!

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