Tuesday, July 28, 2009

s u m m e r

I was sitting in my room the other day and I just stared at Natalie. She looked so beautiful. Bed head, jammies and all! So, I took her picture!

This is Taylor that same morning. Once I make my bed, which is right after I get out of it, even if Jason is still in it :), the kids know it is off limits. She just begged me to watch a show on it! She looks all cozy and chocolatey brown with her tan skin!

Are you freaking kidding me?????? Right when Graden's nose starts to heal, he gets hit by a door at a business we were at. The skid mark went all the way up his fore head.

As Seen on TV! The new belly tray! It takes 9 months to arrive and comes in two colors! Blue or pink!


My mowin' Boys

I saw Jason chasing something in the back yard along the fence. When I came out it was a little field mouse! He was sooooo scared! So I had to catch him!

Then I let him out! Just back into the yard! Or maybe your yard!!! jk!

This is a picture of our scary mouse catching faces!

My new helper! Graden likes to put the silver ware away for me. He get's it all in the right spots and everything!

This is supposed to be a smile!

Hope you are all having a great summer! It's more than half over! We headed to Oregon for a week! We need this break more than you can imagine! We are going to Gma and Gpa Blues house! Wrestling camp, Cousin Camp out in the back yard, Tie Dying shirts, going to the COAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel very blessed to be able to take this little trip to see Jason's family. They are such a HUGE blessing in our lives!

Trust me......a ZILLION pictures to come!!! Love ya!

3 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Alli Blue said...

I need to clarify about something! The mouse was scared! NOT JASON!!!!

Leah said...

Love the belly tray! And poor Graden, boys will be boys I guess! Have fun in Oregon :)

Natalie said...

You look so cute! All your kiddos are so darling. Poor Gradens little nose, I swear boys are such that way, also having scrapes and bruises. Have a great time in Oregon!

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