Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Burkes Blessing 2009

This is Great G'pa Nielsen. He is from Oregon. He is a BRONCO NATION fan! He finally came out of the "closet" and is going back his Green and Yellow Duck state wearing
We had the chance to bless Burke this last Sunday. (12/27/09)
Jason did a great job. My mother in law is so great. She always jots down the blessing. He are some highlights of the blessing:
· I bless you to grow to be a strong man with your beliefs in the church to be strong and your roots deep
· I bless you with health, strength and safety
· I bless you with a strong desire to study the scriptures and serve your Father in Heaven Faithfully
· I bless that when you are ready to serve the Lord on a mission that you will be able to teach those that you were placed on the earth to teach
· I bless you that when the time comes you will find a beautiful, strong bride that has the same values and strengths in the gospel as you
· Your Father in Heaven and family love you
· I bless you with anything else your Father in Heaven sees that you stand in need of.
I am thankful she does this. No matter how hard you try to remember, you tend to forget!

This is Jason's younger sister Darelyn and her sweet kids. Keller, Emery, and Amelia! We had such a blast! I feel like I don't see my kids when her kids are aound because they PLAY forever! Sun up to sun down!

I love this picture.
Great Grandparents: Cliff and Audrey Nielsen and my sweet Burke.

Taking this picture was like wrangling kittens!

Ok, my mom has a problem with looking at the camera. But at least we got a shot!

The Nielsen, Blue and Rock photo!

Brotherly love???????

I took this picture after everybody left! You can tell we had a lot of fun! Maybe a little too much fun!

I try to learn something new from Jason's mom when they come and visit. Last Christmas it was crochetting. This year she taught me how to make bread. This is my 1st loaf! I can't wait to try cinnamon rolls. (Well, Jason can't wait!)

11 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Waldron's said...

Those are some cute photo's of everyone I wish I could have been there. I'm sure it was a fun weekend. Love ya

Collett Family said...

It was a beautiful blessing! We enjoyed the Blue show - you can come back every week! You have such a cute family - we are glad you are in the ward. P.S. Your bread looks perfect!

Mark and Lachelle said...

Dude, I'm still laughing at the picture of Graden with the pop box on his head! Classic! Anyhoos, such a cute blessing for Burke! I need someone to write down Camden's blessing this Sunday. Such a cute little family you guys are!! And you are looking mighty fabulous I might add!

Angie said...

Congrats! You guys are so cute! I can almost smell the bread...way to go!

Anna Beal said...

love that full head of hair! soooo cute :)

Everyday Moments Photography said...

Such a cute family!
I want to try your bread recipe, as long as it is not too hard. It looks delicious.

Cherie said...

I love all the cute family pictures of your family and with extended family!! You guys are so blessed :D

I also think it is neat that your MIL jotted down some of the blessing.

And good job on the bread woman - You 1st loaf looks fab but watch out for the cinnamon rolls they get addicting too (wink wink).

Craig and Cynthia said...

Your family is so cute. What a cute addition Burke makes. Thanks for the nice comments you put on my blog you are seriously always so thoughtful. I really appreciate them. Also no worries about the clothes I will probably try to come later this month to get them. Thanks :)

sherman and juliette said...

Oh blessing day for Mr. Burke! What a special day for your family. It is hard to believe you have 4 kids, time sure flies. You have a darling little family Allison, love the pictures!

Leah said...

Such a cute family you are! Burke is ADORABLE! And you look beautiful (your hair grows so fast!) Such a sweet blessing and a great idea to have someone record it too. And I know what you mean when the cousins come to play... this whole Christmas break I didn't even see my kids they were too busy playing hard. I didn't feel like a mother!

Natalie said...

Wow! Baking bread! Amazing :) So glad you were able to bless Burke, he is so stinkin cute!

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