Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"R" is for Reading!

I have not helped the girls with their homework for a while. G'ma Blue took that over while she was here, and I have not really gotten the December packets started. The girls BEG to do homework. It's not easy either. Mrs. T does not even give the girls the regular packet anymore (since October), they get the coveted "challenge" packet! Any who, I had them get it out today while I was stuck in the kitchen making some yummo chili. To my astonishment, THEY CAN READ????? When did I miss this? I cannot take credit whatsoever for this! My sister Jennifer was the gratest pre-school teacher of all time and had them so ready for kindergarten. So for it's all been a review for them. Mrs. T is great too. I was shocked to hear them sounding out the words and repeating them. We went to the library after naps and I let them get a ton of 1st reader books. They are proving to be more difficult than the homework, but I told them that practice even better!
I am soooo glad my girls love school. By the second grade I hated it. Looking back, I know I had some learning struggles. My mom told me once that in the 4 th grade I got up and sharpened my pencil 22 times in one day. (The teacher told her this.) I guarantee it was because I did not understand the assignment and was killing time.
Keep it up girls! We are so proud of you!

6 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Danny and Laura said...

Go Natalie and Taylor! That's awesome!

Laura said...

How exciting! They are smart little girlies. I'm so amazed at what my kids learn at school (especially one of them) and how much they understand. I'm pretty sure I sharpened my pencil plenty and made lots of bathroom runs myself. I struggled in school so much!

Collett Family said...

That is so wonderful that your girls love to read. I have come to learn from my field that the thing that makes the biggest difference in a child's success educationally is the home environment! With a great mom like you, your kids will be writing novels in no time!

Anna Beal said...

good job! I never help Dejah and she is struggling! I really need to change that.

Laura Blue said...

that's amazing that they BEG to do their homework. what smart little girls. also amazing that they can read. great job!

Tonya said...

wow! good for them! Those little smarties.

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