Saturday, February 6, 2010

3 Months and the National Anthem

Yes, it's true. I am pretty sure I was just pregnant yesterday. And now THREE months have gone by!
Burke has added such a WONDERFUL spirit into our home. He is so calm, and sweet! The kids adore him. So do I! Here are some likes and dislikes of Bazurk! (Burke!)

Still loves his Soothie Bink. They are so ugly! But he loves them, and I don't mind the big greenish blue circle attached to his face!


Here are some other LIKES:

Eye contact

Smiling Sooooooo big

A 6 oz bottle

Facing out, so he can see the world

Saying Goooooo (sometimes he adds a gargle at the end!)

A warm bath with a towel in the water to snuggle him (It's a trick I learned with the girls. I put a bath towel in the bottom of the tub and he lays on it. Then I pull it up between his legs and he feels comforted and safe.)

A warm towel from the dryer after his tubby (he falls asleep instantly)

Flexing his arms and I say "SO BIG!"

Being swaddled

Tummy time



Being naked~he freaks

Getting bonked~he bawls

Graden being too loud in his face~it scares him

The wind in his face~he stops breathing and goes bananas

Overall I must say that Burke is my most "laid back" baby. Maybe it's because he is #4, and I finally have a clue? For instance: Last weekend he woke up every hour crying one night. Then the next night every 15 minutes. I knew it had to be an ear infection. Yep. I was right. In both ears too. He is on Amox. and doing great!

Here are some diaper pics of my sweet boy. I wanted you to be able to see the start of his chub. He also has eczema in his cheeks. It cleared up then came back with the ear infections :(

I shot this picture at Mt. View last night! The kids love the National Anthem, especially when they get to stand by Jason on the chairs! We won btw. Spanked em' actually. That is the big rival in wrestling. The boys did great!

11 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Cherie said...

Alli he is the cutest boy. Can I steal him tommorow?? Just for a little while?

I bet your kids have so much fun hanging out at the HS with all the big kids!

Waldron's said...

Alli he is so cute! Man the time goes by so fast where did it go? I love to see new photo's of the kids. FYI I have more clothes for him.

Collett Family said...

I can't believe it has already been three months! Your little guys is so adorable - he looks like he has so much character already. I just love the hair and his facial expressions!

Laura said...

What a little cutie pie! If you want cute soothie binkies go to and search wubba nubs. They are soothie binks with little animals attached for the baby to hold. Parker wasn't much of a binky man, but he did like those ones.

Mark and Lachelle said...

Yes, I'm still majorly jealous of Burke's freaking HAIR!!! Soooo not fair! And seriously, I think Burke and Camden were separated at birth (except for the hair part.) Everytime you explain Burke, I think of Camden! Camden LOVES his soothie binkie, and won't take any other kind. He is so chill, and when he cries, I know it's because there is something wrong. He loves his bath time when I put the washclothes on him...but he hates being naked, probably cuz he's cold. Like mother like son. And Camden is a little chubbers...which it looks like Burke is getting too! I love it! Seriously, do they sound like twins to you, or what?!

Anna Beal said...

Three months!! So crazy. My Logan is 8!!! Man oh man how I wish pregnancy would go that quickly!

Synergy Girl said...

Oh, I love the towel trick...thought I was the only one that did that...!! His eczema looks OWIE!! Poor little man!! My oldest has that, and he still at 8 has to have steriod treatments on and fun!! Hope it clears up soon!

thewaddsquad said...

Such a cute boy!
My littlest Sloan was the same way with wind. When the wind blew in her face, she would start hyperventalating and blinking really fast. Never figured that one out. She doesn't do it anymore. :)

Claire said...

Such a cute baby boy! I like the towel in the tub idea. Mommas do know best!

Laura said...

He is 3 months already? I hate how fast time goes by. He's such a handsome boy.

Leah said...

Love him!!!

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