Saturday, February 13, 2010


I have been working on a Surprise Baby Shower for my friend Tiffany for a month or so now! I had her coming over with the lure of decorating sugar cookies for Valentines Day. Her sweet daughter Elsie came too!
I had invited 12 of her friends (and mine) to be here at 10:30! I was so proud of all them for being on time! (None of this mormon standard time!!!!!!!)
When she and Elsie came in I knew she thought I was crazy when they saw this:

The spead of food was great! Spinach dip, Artichoke dip, cracker and french bread, fruit tray with caramel dip, lemon bars, brownies and sugar cookies! Yummo

Tiffany and I! Love ya babe!

Tiffany and Elsie

Lisa and Joleen! Glad you guys came!

Jan, Melanie and Trudy! You rock ladies!

Trudy, Joleen, Cyndi, Laur, and Tamalin (and baby Charolette)! Opps, I meant Cynthia and Laura! I was so happy to see all of you!

Erin and Zan! Love you ladies!

I guess Cyndi and Laur are camera hogs! (JUST KIDDING!) (Baby John, Trudy's son)

The loot! Tiff got such cute baby girl clothes! We also pooled for a car seat fund!
It really was the best feeling doing this for somebody else!
Baby Nora H. Dahl, we cannot wait to meet you! You are coming to a wonderful family! Oliver, Henry, Jack and Elsie will love you so much! And just in case your Daddy wins and you are named Claire, we will still love you!

6 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Laura said...

You throw a wicked party! Thanks for having us all over. It was fun. Lots of love, Laur!

bAiLeY said...

looks like fun!!

~bAiLeY gArDnEr

Joleen said...

You rock! Good job! It was so great to visit with all these amazing ladies!!! :D

Dahl Family said...

I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for a wOndErFuL surprise!!!

Claire said...

Claire is a great name!

Craig and Cynthia said...

I had an awesome time and it was so fun to suprise Tiffany. And yes I am a camera Hog :) -Cyndi

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