Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mom of 4

I have been spotlighting Burke, but I do have 3 other kids that are simply amazing.

Here are 10 things about each that I just love~

1. You are the snuggliest of all of our kids.
2. You are always making things to take to school for your friends and teacher.
3. You like to hold Burke for 3.2 seconds, then you are done. But you'll kiss on him forever!
4. You beg to read the scriptures at night.
5. I can count on you to be an angel when Natalie is not.
6. You love to go to church and raise your hand 1,000 in primary. Yeah, you're that kid.
7. You say awesome prayers.
8. You have really gotten the hang of your BIG girl bike. Zoom!
9. You have the most beautiful eye lashes. I tell you they look spider legs. (ew, but in a good way!)
10. You are gaining a testimony of the gospel that is yours and not anybody else.

I love you Buggy.

1. You hold my hand when you are in my bed. It melts my heart.
2. You say the funniest things. 90% of which I have to translate for other people.
3. You are rocking your new big boy bike.
4. You are Daddies best buddy. Forever and always.
5. You copy whatever I say to Burke. (Burch to you)
6. When I ask you to do something you say, "No mom, I happy". Or "I'm pine (fine)."
7. You like to play the Wii with the girls even though you just have the controllers that are not plugged in!
8. I am amazed out how you will do anything to rough house with Dad.
9. I love that I can ask you to give Dad a "wet willy" and you'll totally do it!
10. You are a good boy. I could not ask for a better son.

I love you Bebo.

1. You help me with Burke all the time. And you don't freak if he barfs on you.
2. You love school so much it hurts.
3. I can count on you to watch over Graden in the back yard.
4. You always know what day of the week it is, and when we drive into Boise or Nampa. Your scenes of direction is sick.
5. You will be a wonderful mother someday.
6. Your love for tomatoes amazes me.
7. You always ask to the say the closing prayer in Primary.
8. You like to make things fair just like me.
9. You always want to know what the weather is going to be like so you know what to wear.
10. You are the bestist little girl in the world. I cannot believe you will be 6 in a few short weeks.

I love you Nattie.

4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Collett Family said...

I love the letter to Burke and your lists about your other kids. I hope you save them and put them in their journals. Your kids are so beautiful and sweet!

Mark and Lachelle said...

What a cute little mommy you are! Your 4 kiddos are lucky to have such a great mommy!

Synergy Girl said...

That was the CUTEST post ever...!! It reminds me how much I post about "certain" kids, and not neccessarily all of them....thanks!!!

Keri Blue Photography said...

Very sweet!

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