Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 Years~

Three years ago today I gave birth to my first son. He and I had a special conversation in the hospital. It went something like this:

Graden~ You are my sweet boy. Some day you will go on a mission. I miss you already.

It's funny to think I was thinking of his mission, 19 years ahead of time. But my heart ached thinking of him being gone for two whole years. Then I thought of the Lord and how much He must miss this boy that had just left him. That it may be 90 years before they see each other again.

There is nothing like having a son.

Here are some thing Graden will give me the chance to be, if not already in his 3 years with us.

~Covered in blood. (Done)
~Teaching somebody to "aim" in the toilet. (Done)
~Playing with race cars. (Done)
~Having a daughter in law. (So excited!)
~Being passed the Sacrament by my own child. (Tearing up now!)
~Explaining why girls are just like that. (Maybe in 14 years.)
~Helping Daddy give us Priesthood blessings. (Once again, tearing)
~Overcome with emotion reading your letters from your mission.
~Jealous of your relationship with Dad. (BFF's)

You are more than I ever expected Graden. You are named after a great man, and have big shoes to fill. But you are on your way!

Happy 3rd Birthday son! We love you to the moon and back!

Graden John Blue
2 weeks old

Our first family picture as a party of 5.

One of my all time FAVORITE pictures of Jason and Graden. Looking out the window to the world before we took him home.

7 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Angie said...

tearing up too! I love your sweet sentiments! Happy b-day Graden!

Waldron's said...

What is it with girls and tearing up???? you got me going now ;) That was sweet Allison. Where did the time go. I remember when you had him. Happy birthday Graden. Love the photo's they are really cute of him

Cherie said...

Alli that was such a heartfelt post for you sweet son.
Happy Birthday to Graden.

All those things will come to pass all too quickly and they definately bring tears and joy!!

Boys are special and even though he is BFF's with his dad his Mom will always be his rock!! It's just the way it works :D

You are such a sweet mom.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Graden! Sweet post.

Laura said...

What a sweet post. Your kids are very blessed to be a part of your family.

Mark and Lachelle said...

Ahhhh! Cute post for cute lil Graden! Boys are the best! :)

Leah said...

He's so cute!! I love my boys too! Also can't believe how little the girls look in the pic at the hospital. Crazy how fast they grow. Happy Birthday Graden!

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