Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Graden's Party~

We had a BBQ Birthday Bash last Saturday for Graden. G'ma Blue, Grammy, Dilgards, Frogleys, Gaubys, Luchinis, Robertsons, Morris', and a buttload of kids all came to party! It was really fun! Here are a few pictures of the bash!

The Main Squeeze

The kids outside trying to find Cowboy (our bunny).
Some Chit Chat....

The Creepy Chef.
My BIL Jeffery Wayne.

The decorations and some more chit chat
(adults are so lame)

OpEnInG the GiFts
RAZOR from G'ma and G'pa Blue :)

My ghetto robot cake.

7 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Clay and Britt said...

I love the cake!

Cherie said...

OK when Marsha and I were over the other day we saw all the cute decor above your table and we just thought you were decorating cute for summer! Ha ha

Looks like a great party!

Laura said...

The robot cake is awesome! Happy B-day Graden! Did they ever find Cowboy? Looks like it was a fun party. You are such a good mom.

Laura said...

I CAN NOT believe he is 3 already. Wasn't he just born? Maybe it's just that other peoples kids seem to grow faster then your own. Love that cake!

Collett Family said...

What a big boy! Happy Birthday Graden!

Leah said...

What's wrong with a ghetto robot cake?? I love it! It's so fun to see pics of you guys and of Sept too! She is a horrible blogger and the only glimpses I get of her are on your blog, go figure!! I miss you girls so much, we ARE going to get together soon. Happy Birthday to Graden, I love the first picture of him!! He is SO CUTE!

Natalie said...

Hope Graden had a great birthday! You always do such a great job on decorating and cakes, love it!

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