Sunday, April 18, 2010

I know you're in there..........

First off I wanted to send a HUGE thank you to all my loving friends who have shared advice and love in the comments left about or "situation".

Here are some things I am going to try:

*Putting a note on the door for times we are home, but not available. This seems to be working.

*Talking to her parents about the rules and expectations of my home. They can like it or lump it.

*When she is here, being as kind as welcoming as possible.

*Giving my girls options. Rather than just making them come in, say that they can all play in the back yard or "..." has to go home.

*Relaxing. This has made me so sick over the past few weeks. And to be honest, in the big picture, this is a mole hill.

My Aunt D'on (Teri's sister) gave me some good advice from a different perspective. She reminded me of "..." side. She has nobody to play with at home. It may be the highlight of her day to come over to our home. A home where the Spirit dwells, where there is laughter and structure. Where the Mom cares where her children are. And who knows, may she does care, but I would not know. She plays soccer on a team, so I know they are involved in the community. I just wish she were involved in the neighborhood. And I have met her, once. She was nice. And seemed attentive.

In the mean time, I had a COS party to do on Saturday afternoon. My Mom babysat for me. Before I left we had lunch and the doorbell rang. I nicely told her we were eating lunch and if she saw the kids out front later she could join and play. (My Mom is aware of what's going on, and has given me some of the best advice.)
When I got home she said that it had been no more than a few minutes after I left that she came and rang the doorbell. My Mom knew who it was and was in the middle of cleaning and did not answer it. She said it rang probably another 20-25 times, one right after the other. Then when my Mom peeked around the corner.......She was peering through the window. It really bugged ol' Judy:) She did let her in and they all played in the backyard. When my girls were done and wanted to come inside my Mom said that "..." had to go home. "..." pressured the girls to stay outside, but they were done, and reluctantly she went....where ever, I'm not sure.

I always need to keep in mind that SHE is a daughter of our Heavenly Father. And HE loves her.

2 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Claire said...

such a tough one, but she is a duaghter of God. Best of luck.

Leah said...

She sounds annoyingly persistent. You have a good attitude about it though. Just stick to your rules and eventually she will get it.

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