Thursday, September 2, 2010


The first week of school is almost over. We made it! Is it sad I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend? I think not.
This is actually Jason's second day picture. I forgot on day one. I was too busy making him lunch and trying not to go bananas about the girls going to school all day. He said that he has been sooooo busy. He is the ISS guy. (In School Suspension) Also, the Credit Recovery guy. When a student is failing a class they can try to recover the grade in his class. He has only had one ISS kid as of yet. But he has been making the ID badges for the Freshman and kids that did not register on time. It's been a huge hassle. But he has not complained and it's kept him really busy! I am so happy he is back to work. He gets really stir crazy at home during the summer.

Here are my two sweet pea's walking to school on Monday. They are in different classes and seem to be doing great. Me? Not so much. If you know me you know that I have OCD when it comes to being fare. Food, gifts, attention, it does not matter. So having two different teachers with different rules has been hard. Natalie gets to have a water bottle at her desk and Taylor does not. No big deal, but it breaks my heart! (silly, I know)

I am so proud of them!

Graden starts Pre School next week. He is very excited!

4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Tonya said...

woot for back to school! Can you believe Jason already has an ISS kid that is crazy to me. Who is in ISS the first 3 days of school? I remember Rhonda complaining big time about that ID badge crap (that's what it is, crap) so I believe that is a humongous pain! ps-if you're ever over there you must check out Collin's ID badge!!

Laura said...

It's so hard when they go all day. How great that they have each other at lunch and recess though. I still think of them as toddlers, weird.

Kirsten said...

It's good that the girls are getting used to not having the same at an early age, just b/c they're twins doesn't mean they will always get the same treatment or things! It's goo :)
BREATH!! I'm happy for Jason & his job, YEAH :)
Isn't it amazing at what an impact PreSchool a few days a week can do to us mommies! I'm FREAKING OUT!!!

Melanie said...

sooo....chs??? capital or centennial?

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