Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Days for Graden~

My boy started preschool today. He will be attending Happy Days Preschool. My sister Jennifer is the teacher! She is amazing with kids. He had a great 1st day. It did not go as planned....what does?......The girls woke up violently ill in the night. A horrible stomach flu, lot's of up chuck......delightful. I guess they are not totally healed tonsil wise. They cried in agony because of the pain in their throats. I was never able to fall back to sleep, for fear of being puked on. But luckily the bug spared Graden. ( I lied...Jason just came flying home with Graden. He puked in the van......)

This is the day prior to school. He loves building things. This is "Ol' McDonalds Farm". Pretty sweet. He was able to make a figure 8 rail road track that morning as well with his train set. He was pretty proud!

Graden and his friend Chase H. My sister Julie nannies Chase and his brother Grayson. They are the only two boys in the class!

Miss Jennifer giving some last minute advice to the only boys. It was probably something like......"hold onto your hats boys!"

The 3 year old class. Minus Lucia and Chloe.

His 1st projects. They are the same ones my girls did when they went to Happy Days! I love seeing Gradens name on them! It's finally his turn.

We are so proud of you Graden. You are a sweet boy. I feel so blessed to be your mom!

4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Collett Family said...

I am sorry to hear your kids are sick again. They have had a rough few weeks (and so has their momma). Hang in there super mom.

Angie said...

Awww! And what's momma gonna do with one birdie in the nest for those few hours??? :) Yay for great kids!!!

Tonya said...

I love his cute little school outfit! He is going to be so popular with the ladies! ;) And sorry about all the barf! Like you haven't dealt with enough sick kids lately.

Natalie said...

So sorry to hear that you all got sick! Kids being sick is the worst! Hope graden loves preschool!

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