Sunday, September 5, 2010

Browne and Blue BaLlOoNs~

dork. (with cute hair)

We decided to take the family down to Ann Morrison park on Saturday night for the Spirit of Boise Balloon Festival. They were going to do a "night glow" of sorts. The previous few mornings they launched the balloons at 7:10 am. Sorry, but that was too early for this clan! So I knew the night one would fit us much better! We went with our favorite family The Brownes. We cannot get enough of them!

Oh how I wish this was a giant Pepsi bottle. Then all my dreams really would have come true :)

Me and my sweetheart. This was taken on his phone. That explains the "glow". My "glowing"days are OVER!

Daddy and Taylor

Me and my girlies (as Chase Browne would call them).

Daddy and Natalie
Oh!!! Mommy and Burke-Boy!

Daddy and mini-love!

Daddy and Doofus. I mean Graden.
You know the "idiot face"? Well, this is his ugly, hairy cousin, "I ain't turnin' around face". Nice.
Candace and my daughter in law..... Oppppssss! Candace and Reagan!
Me and Candace! The bestist bestie in the world!
Chase and Dott. (Scott)

Watching the balloons get filled up!
My sweet eternal family! Oh how they take up every inch of my heart!

1,2,3....BURN! That's what you yell for them to fill the balloons. Not that we want them to actually burn! It was beautiful!

In action.......awesomeness!

9 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Candace said...

Ooooooo good times! We love you guys too! You got some really good pics on your camera!

Kirsten said...

OH man, we totally wanted to go to this. I kept hearing about it on the radio.... NICE that they didn't mention it was ONLY going to be Saturday night! We too thought 7:10am was too early; I had to work Saturday night :(
Looks like fun, both you and the Brownes have cute little families :)

Tonya said...

Fun! We were there too! Along with like 8 billion other people! :)

Mark and Lachelle said...

Ok, I must say, I am LOVIN your new hair!! Hot momma!! And I also must say, if that was a giant Diet Coke bottle, all my dreams would be coming true ;)

Claire said...

I love you Allie Blue! You are amazing.

Anna Beal said...

Looks like you guys know all the fun stuff to do with kids. I need the "in". Fun Fun.

Leah said...

Our laptop has been broken so I've loved catching up on some of your posts! Looks like so much fun, and I LOVE your hair. You have the most beautiful family and they are growing up so much... I want to get together this fall, really! I'm glad you survived the tonsils. You are such a trooper. I don't know how you did it!

Cherie said...

Very Fun! We did this for years during the Boise River Festival days and it is truly a beautiful site. Love all those balloons!!

Natalie said...

Looks like fun! Love the hair. And the new family pic!

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