Friday, June 3, 2011

Negative Nancy

Or Debbie Downer. Or Wanda Womp. Or Alli Blue? Nah......

I decided somewhere along the way that life is too short to worry about things you have no control over. That does not always stop me from trying, but I generally have a pretty firm grasp on my reality.

Instead of listing all the things that I want to pull my hair out over, I thought I would list all the things that bless my life. (And of course not ALL of them, but the ones that come to me. Or before Graden wants lunch. Whichever comes first!!!)

  • My marriage.
  • My children.
  • My faith in the gospel.
  • Jason's job.
  • My kids have insurance.
  • Chex Party mix and Diet Pepsi.
  • This warm day.
  • My new neighbor I met today.
  • Faithful Friends.
  • Laughing at Denny's.
  • Volleyball (even when hit with the ball).
  • Netflix.
  • My sisters.
  • Judy.
  • Creativity.
  • My no soliciting sign.
  • My iPhone.
  • Candace and the kids coming for 2 weeks.
  • Jason going back to school.
  • My kids' teachers.
  • People in my ward.
  • My calling.
  • Trek.
  • Health.
  • Reality TV.

Well, this is just my short list. I have many more. I know sometimes it's hard to see the good when all you feel is bad. But it's there. Just have to open your eyes, and your heart to them!

4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Candace said...

You are my hero! Good girl! Thanks for this today. We really do have the good life!

Cherie said...

Great list Alli Blue - You really do have so much to be grateful for!!! You are such a cutie :-D

Leah said...

I agree, its so easy to dwell on all that we don't have... love that you made a list. I think we could all benefit from that. It's silly how we can sometimes get caught up in comparing ourselves to all the material things that someone else has. I've really had to put myself in check this week. We are all truly blessed. Love this post Alli!

Natalie said...

I'm so emotional today! I love this post and it truly makes me so grateful for everything that I have! Love you!

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