Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sew awesome!

My MIL is SEW awesome! When she came for Spring break she was working on the most
a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. skirts for her grand daughters. She picked out the fabric that she thought
would best suit each girl! The style she picked for my girls was RIGHT ON! I loved it! Well,
she finished up and sent them in the mail this week! Nat & Taylor were so excited to open
the package! It even had Graden and Burke's name on it too! (They got fruit snacks and
smarties! Thoughtful for them to not be left out!!)

Sunday!! They were dazzling in their new skirts! And the best part??? They TWIRL! Like really twirl! Like I had to tell the girls not to twirl at church cause people could see their undies!!!
The skirts look like they were purchased they are so professional! Teri is a methodical
seamstress! (Although she is scoffing right now!) TAKE THE COMPLIMENT MOM!

Well, she ain't the only one that can sew in this family!! Totally joking! I just thought I
would hem the girls jeans into shorts for the summer! My sewing machine does some really
cute stitches! I did several designs! This was just one of them! ( do twins, who
share pants get holes in the right knee only in EVERY pair we own??) Let me know when
you think of the answer!

I am thankful to have such a giving MIL. She is wonderful about sharing her talents with her
kids and grand kids! We are blessed to be her family! Love you Teri! (Is this not better than
being in the list of my blessings??? You got your own post woman!!!!) ;)

8 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

The True Blues said...


The True Blues said...

oh my - I am so blessed to have such wonderful kids that say and do things that always lift my spirits. I love you Alli so much, I love your sense of humor but mostly love how you let me share the things I love to do with you and the family. I feel special to have my own post and I don't take it lightly :)Thanks for letting me share my love for the kids and letting others know about my love for them. You did a great job on the jeans, you will have to show me how you did it so I can try it with my new/old machine.:) love and xxoo forever and always

Kendra said...

I told your girls they looked super cute today and they said that their grandma made them. ADORABLE! I want to sew like that! Is she giving lessons?! Oh and great sewing job on the shorts...I just cut them off and let them be all kinds of tattered so you are one step ahead on the hemming thing! ;)

Cherie said...

Alli - You could never be anything BUT an original (wink!!).

I have a big bunch of blog friends who went over to the dark side (The Vampire Diaries) and decided that they didn't like Twilight or the whole series after that. They were into comparing and making hateful comments. It annoyed me so I tell them all that they are kicked out of the Twilight club!

Leah said...

Those skirts are ADORABLE! I love that fabric. Sewing is such a handy skill to have. Unfortunately I don't really have it. Great job on the shorts, they are super cute and a great way to get the most use out of clothes!

Natalie said...

Love the skirts! So cute! I am attempting to cut off some jeans of mine this week and turn them into shorts...probably will end up in the trash :)

Cathy said...

Both my boys get holes in their right knees only too!!! Every pair of pants since Kimball turned 4 has the identical hole in the same knee as your girls. :( I'm curious to see which knee Sloan gets her holes in. She's a leftie. I'm going to do some scientific research and see if that has anything whatsoever to do with it. Probably not! LOL!! If it does - I'll invent jeans with reinforced knees for right & left handed people! Ha Ha!!! :D

Synergy Girl said...

LOVE your mad sewing skills!! It makes me want to ACCIDENTALLY throw my sewing machine out the backdoor, let the sprinklers run on it for three days, and then drop it off the roof so I can get a new one that is better than my $50 Target are FAB girl...and your girls' skirts are A-DORABLE!!!

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