Saturday, June 25, 2011

2 pigs and a dog.

Well good day to you! Thanks for stopping by!

My allergies have been so killer this year. One night last week I used an entire roll of toilet paper just blowing my nose. BOO! But I am feeling better!

If I looked how I felt this would be it:

Not sure what was up with Graden.

And there is no excuse for this! :)

We hit the Meridian Dairy Days Parade this year again. It was fun and the kids got a TON of candy. (oh joy)

Our friends the Robertsons were in the parade! I am so glad they saw us! They were walking with the adoption float! Look at how DARLING Ashlyn is! Serious??? I could eat that girl up! Sadly, Collin's dad passed away the next morning. We are so sad for their family. He was a wonderful man.

Every summer my wedding ring shrinks. Ok, my finger swells to the size of my thumb. It kills me not to wear it, but it is humanly impossible for me to get it on. And if I do squeeze it on, I would have to call 911 to get it off. And they would have to use the Jaws of Life. No way. So each summer I treat myself to a new wedding band. Come on! $6.88 at Walmart and I have a new ring and a green finger by the end of the summer! This was my pick this year. Way more realistic than the 3 carat whopper I picked last year! hehe!

Now on to the MOTHER OF A LIGHTNING AND THUNDER STORM from the other night! Jason and I sat on our porch and watched. One of the thunder's scared me sooooo bad I flinched and nearly pulled every muscle in my neck! IT WAS HELLA SCARY YO!!!

I would like to name this the Second Coming Cloud. Cause you betta be on yo knee's prayin' somewhere when this bad boy rolls into town again.

Yep. He's mine.

We have had time to spend with the Browne's. Oh blissful joy! We have enjoyed Candace's MIL's pool. NICE!

And this is what happens when you do not communicate with your spouse. You end up with two Guinea Pigs and a dog over the weekend! I agreed to babysit my sister Jennifer's pigs for a couple of weeks while they travel to New Mexico. (Not the Old Mexico like my girls thought). Rocco and Jack Jack are fun to have! (Odorless I may add!!!)

And Jason agreed to watch the Hazen's dog Meeka while they go to San Diego for the weekend! My kids are in HEAVEN! It's all going very well so far. Meeka is really chill and so are the pigs!

10 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Collett Family said...

You crack me up. I love the new pick for the summer. Awesome storm pictures. Why does Meeka have a bootie on?

Kirsten said...

yes, WHAT is up with the doggie-bootie!?! :)
I thought I noticed a different ring on you last Summer, but didn't want to be like "give me your finger" lol! THat's a great idea, I'm going to steal it the next time my fingers bloat up. LOVE the pics :)

Alli and Jason said...

Meeka was hit by a car around 5 years ago. She has no feeling in that foot and drags it. So she has to wear the booty in order to not make her foot raw! :(

Cherie said...

At least if you lose this ring and Graden flushes it your ok!
That picture is hilarious - Trent and I are totally laughing!!
Saw Candace and the kids at the movie theater today :-D

Kendra said...

I totally think that your Walmart ring may be an exact replica of the Walmart ring Jason proposed to me with (I had to pick out the real man! All except that it was a size 8 and I have puny fingers!) I have used it a few times when I was prego, but I still haven't broken it out this pregnancy. Ha ha ha! I LOVE the storm shots! And we need to play soon! :)

Tonya said...

Best post ever! You are so hilarious.

Haddon said...

I haven't worn my real wedding ring in two I'm always wearing my AVON special...nobody is the wiser. (One of these days I'm just gonna admit that my finger is fat, and get it resized...) :)

Mark and Lachelle said...

Ugh!! I was in the middle of typing a comment, and my computer decided to shut down on me. Between Blogger not uploading my pictures and always having errors, and my stupid computer wiggin out on me, this is the reason I've stopped blogging!!

Anyway, Second Coming cloud indeed!! That's one crazy storm, yo!
And I love your new summer "bling" this year. I too, treat myself to new bling every summer. I call my bling, my "pool" bling. I have to get a new ring each year to wear to the pool in the summer. I never wear my real ring to the pool, because it flies off my finger when my hands get wet. Hence why I treat myself to some "pool bling." ;)

Leah said...

I hate allergies! They are the worst, hope you are feeling better though.

Synergy Girl said...

You're a total goof ball...I love it...and I get it...!! Man I miss the bloggin...!! You always remind me why I used to be so good at are my fiber of blogging, my exlax to procrastination...hmmm...I'll just leave it at that...

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