Saturday, August 6, 2011

Zip Away!

We smashed through our ninth anniversary this week! We were married at high noon in the Boise temple on 8/3/02. A beautifully hot day!
Every year we talk about what we are going to do. It usually consists of a movie and Chili's. It is usually in our budget for a hot date like that. But this year I decided to break that mold and do something more daring! So I started planning early and saving quarters. I hid a Mason jar in my undies drawer and every chance I got to snag one I did! No quarter was safe! I also sold a rug and made $50 and had another $50 in an account we never use.
I got a wild idea to do a zip line tour. I had heard that there was one in Horseshoe Bend, only 30 minutes away! I checked out the website and got pretty jacked. It was a 3 hour tour, 6 lines, and so close to Boise. The only bummer is that it was $75/person. YOWZA!! But I was determined to make it happen! When I told Jason about my plan he was pretty excited! But he really through a wrench in the system when he said he wanted to get a hotel room that night too! But luckily with all those cheapo sites that help you find a room, it was easy!

So Friday night after work we headed up to Horseshoe Bend. It is such an easy drive. We got to the place and waited to take a suburban up to the trails. That was the bumpiest ride I have ever been on! Some of the turns I could not even see the road in front of us! Those guides are great though and drive it so often, they know those roads like the back of their hands! We were with 8 other people.
Here we are all rigged up in our gear!
Jason coming across the second zip line!
A shot of me in the trees!
This is me coming in backwards! My bad!
Me and my honey!
We finished up with the awesome tandem zip lines~ Jason won. Cause he's fatter! LOL!

Click HERE to watch our tandem ride together!

{After watching this I have to laugh cause who knew Jason was Hawaiian? What's with all the "hang loose" signs honey?????} LOL!

And like previously mentioned what would be a an anniversary with out Chili's???? After about a half an hour discussion with Jason I decided that I was going to have a real COKE with my dinner. It would be the first one in 35 days. Do you think I enjoyed it?
"H" yeah I did! I polished off three refills. And in my defense, there was A LOT of ice! :) I am not in any rush to go out and buy a Pepsi right now. It feels great to have some self control!
After Chili's we headed to our hotel. Springhill Suites by Marriott. I really wanted to sit in the hot tub and we had 30 minutes till the pool closed. Much to my dismay, it was more like a luke warm tub, so we went back to our room and I took a lobster bath. (It's when my feet are so red I look like a lobster)

We lounged and watched CABLE!!!!! Oh heaven! We got a great night's sleep and woke up in time to battle a million people for a continental breakfast. :( We ate quick and went back to our room, snuggled up, and watched MORE CABLE!!!! And Jason did not even watch Sports Center. He let me watch some Jersey Shore, (I've never seen it), and some Celebrity Rehab, and this morning we watched Flip This House New Hampshire and Fabulous Flips Las Vegas! It's the simple things really!

This was a great anniversary. Not as much because we did really fun stuff, but because I spent it with my partner in life. He is my partner in everything.

4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Cherie said...

What a great idea!!!! Looks like so much fun :-D I love the Jason is part Hawaiian - tee hee!!

I have seriously been trying to get Dina to do this with me for the last 2 years (Our birthdays are October 7th & 8th) but I cannot get her to! She wants to jump out of airplanes - H NO!

I love that you saved for so long every quarter and nickel you found and sold a rug - serious awesomeness!!!

Happy Anniversary and here's to many more "zippy" years!

Candace said...

Awww you guys are too dang cute! I'm so glad anniversary weekend extravaganza was a success! I can't believe you had a Coke after 35 days! jk you are proud of you!

Laura said...

How fun. You're the best wife ever. Jason is super lucky to have you!!!

Angie said...

So sweet. I love that you guys got to do something fun - We have (free) tickets to an outdoor concert at Sundance for big #11 next week...but Joel doesn't want to go. Boo!

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