Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Derby Date Night~

I won 4 tickets on FB to the ROLLER DERBY! hOlLa!!! I answered a trivia question from Zip Idaho. We invited the Robertson's go with us. I had one of my young women babysit for us. Kristine :) We headed down town last Saturday night!!!! I love DT Boise. Mainly because I love to people watch. And boy was there some watchin'! (And some smellin' too;/)

As we were walking to the Quest Arena I saw this utility box that was painted with these really cool owls. Um.... yes please!

So I was really excited about going to the derby. Do you remember my post about the movie Whip It with Ellen Page, Kristin Wiig, and Drew Barrymore? Well, I think I secretly want to be on a roller derby team. Jason and I thought of a name for me on the way home. (Some of the names we saw were "Thigh Master", "Rasta 4:20", and some other ones that were in reference to being a druggie, or gay.) I'm not gonna lie. I am a goodie-2-shoes compared to some of these more beastie women. So I thought a good name for me would be...............drum roll.............."PEGGY SUE-ME". Eh???? Good one huh? Ok, I'm a dork...

It was NOT NEARLY cool as the movie Whip It, but we had fun. We headed to PIE HOLE for some yummo pizza next. We sat outside and listened to some live music and basked in the cigarette smoke. Ugh! We thought we could escape the cloud and do some walking around. We found this really cool outdoor art studio where artists have leased some space. Here are some that we liked!
The Star Wars one is for the Brownes. :)

After we walked off our pizza, we headed to Apsen Leaf. It's a self serve frozen yogurt place next to Pie Hole. IT WAS HEAVEN! They have aprrox 20 flavors of yogurt. You pay .44 cents an ounce, so I tried to be really careful deciding what I wanted. Jason and I were going to share. So we picked Cookies and Cream, Oreo, Choc/PB, Angel Food Cake, Strawberry, and Raspberry. I had them all neatly poured onto the side of our giant cup. (This is where 6 years of working at TCBY really helped!!!) There were TONS of toppings to choose from too. Be did just a few of this and that but my favorite was little tiny cubed cheesecake pieces! Um. HEAVEN!!!
{proof of heaven!}

We came home, the kids were in bed, the house was spotless, and Kristine was at the sink doing dishes!

So that brings me to ask you this......

How much do YOU pay a babysitter????

6 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Cherie said...

I loved that Whiplash movie with Ellen Page but I never even thought about going to the Derby - didn't even know they had them - Ha ha.
I love your name - I bet you could think of a few!!

And I think you pay the babysitter like a million gazillion dollars if she does the dishes!!

Claire said...

You have had some fun dates lately. I just caught up on all of your posts. We love self serve yogurt. There was a different yogurt store on every corner in San Diego. Not a single one here in small town Alamogordo. We miss is. love you Alli

Synergy Girl said...

I love downtown too...just such a different vibe down there...you don't even have to "do" something either...just be there!!

Okay, so the babysitter thing...I am CHEAPO...I pay $1/kid, rounded up to the nearest $5. If they clean, I try and pay an extra $5. Generally, $20 is our average night. We don't pay the most by any means, but our babysitters come back...so I guess it's what works for us...and what we can afford.

Love your guts...!!

Susan R said...

I just found your blog, I think through Cherie's blog. I love it, it's fabulous.
How much would I pay a babysitter? Nothin' my daughter is now old enough to babysit and it feels great. I don't pay her in cash, but she benefits in other ways. However, if I had to hire a babysitter, I would pay her $25 for about 4 hours. I think it also depends on how old the babysitter is.
Cool date night. I need to come up with something fun and creative like this.
Love your new hair cut, but how do you do the braid thing that I see on some of you other photos, that's so cute.

Tonya said...

dang I wish more people had posted their babysitter $$ on here! I was really wondering! You already know my answer since I was ON the date night.... :) Thanks again for inviting us to the derby! I still need to rent Whip It!

Kirsten said...

I loved that movie!! Look like alot of fun - to answer your question - it depends on the night & what we're doing! If we don't leave until 7:30, which only give the sitter an hour before she just sits on our couch while he sleeps.... it's not much! BUT, if we go all out for dinner & whatever & are gone until 11... AND she has to do dinner AND bedtime, then it's about $5 an hour rounded up! But I NEVER pay more than $5 an hour! I only have 1 child, he's really easy, and I'm not going to PAY you alot to watch tv and do nothing while my baby sleeps. Some times I just call and say "I'll give you this much for this night... what do you think?" So for me, with only 1 kid, it varies :)

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