Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lot's O' Happenings

I was really hoping that things would calm down before school starts, and it just seems like it get's busier by the day.

Jason started school this week. He works at the Blue and Orange store in the mall from about 7-3 then has class Monday-Thursday. His Monday class is at the BSU campus, so he goes straight there after work. But Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday he is at the Meridian campus. That was a great surprise for us! So he usually can come home in between. His classes are supposed to be from 6-9. But most nights he is done around 7:30. EXCEPT for his Philosophy class on Thursdays. That professor comes in from Nissa, OR. So he uses all the time. (My volleyball night....but I can still go!!!)
Needless to say he has had a long week. And when Jason get's tired he get's quiet. And when he get's quiet I think he is mad. And when I constantly ask if he is mad? He get's mad! Amazing how that works! It will take some adjusting, but I know we are on the right path!

We are all ready for the girls to start on Tuesday. They have Mrs. Anala. I am not sure the spelling of that. My girls are thrilled! They really liked her from what they saw last year. They even had her sign their year books. Oh to be in the second grade! Their clothes are all washed and hung, hair cut, room clean. We decided to separate their shoes this year. They each have a laundry basket under their beds with their own shoes. We had some "those are my shoes" drama last year that I am trying to avoid!

Graden starts on the 6th. So I have some time to get his room cleaned up! It needs it!

The Browne's came for another visit! It helped my summer along knowing they were coming! They got to stay for a week. Reagan was really sick, and was not the happiest camper, so we played more after she got to feeling better. We swam of course. The kids have a blast at Christines.

Candace and I got to sneak away on Tuesday and go see THE HELP. I had sent Candace the book earlier in the summer and she loved just as much as I did. We loved the movie too! There were only 8 of us in the theater. And I think that she and I were the only ones that had read it. Cause we were reacting to what we knew was coming, and the rest just did as it happened. It would be great to see it with a full theater of readers!

This is just a silly picture I took of Burke Saturday morning. He was a hot mess. This is what an almost 2 year old looks like after an Otter Pop treat and playing out front. And as you can see he is sporting the white trash onsie. LOL! I cut the sleeves off some of the long sleeve onsies.

I also took him in for his 15 month and 18 month check. I know.....LATE! But he needed shots and to be honest, I could not have done it this winter. It was a bad one for me depression wise, and the thought of him getting shots was too much for me. He only got 2 and cried, but did great. The other kids though.....When I turned around with Burke in my arms the big kids were all huddled up covering their ears! I think it was worse for them! Hahaha! That is true compassion!

He weighs 21 pounds and is in the 5%. BUT, he is in the 10th% for height. And 45th% for his head. LOL! I told the nurse he falls in the Pip Squeak category!

So thanks for stopping by~ You rock!

7 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Cherie said...

Lots going on down there!! If you ever need a "moment" send the kids on down and we'll give them some marshmallows and sticks and put them around the fire!

We did the School, work, kid routine for 7 years - it really is hard and can be tiring but it is SO worth it. You guys are definately on the right path!!

Good Job Jason on taking on the load and Good job to you Ms. Alli for being an awesome mom and a super supportive wife!! You have a great family :-D

Synergy Girl said...

You're organization makes me sick...I need some help with that....or the procrastinating...not sure...hmmm....anyways, that hot mess of yours...well, he's just so stinkin' cute!!! What a sweet widdle man...!!

Guy and Mallory said...

Guy is back at school too. The extremely focused silence is very familiar around here as well:)

Collett Family said...

Whew! You have been busy! Your girls looked adorable today with their new haircuts. Craig starts school in two weeks. This is a crazy time of life, trying to go to school, working, raising kids! It is nice to know others are in the same boat.

Candace said...

I totally left a comment but it is no where to be found! I'm so glad we got to hang out before the kids started school and things got even more crazy. I love Burkey's onesie, its awesome. I'm excited for our fun plans for the next year!! =)

Leah said...

I saw The Help this weekend with a friend. Loved it! The theatre was packed and it was fun because everyone who had read it were totally reacting before it happened, just like you said. So much fun!

Can you send Burke my way? He is so stinking adorable!

Tonya said...

holy crap you are so funny! That pic of Burke is the best. And WHA???!!! He weights 21 pounds? ASHLYN IS 20!!! And also, I swear Collin and Jason are secret twins.... that whole "gets stressed=gets quiet, =me always thinking he's mad, =him actually getting mad" Happens around here all wrestling season long.

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