Friday, May 7, 2010

sIx MoNthS oLd

Dear Burke,
Six months is HALF of a year you know. When did mommy ever give you permission to grow that fast? You are delightful, full of energy, bouncy, smiley, content, passive, easily startled, have boundless snuggles, love to reach for anything, including the camera, love to sleep on your belly, suck your soothie backwards, swing side to side, have a blanket on your face to snooze, and most of all, you have a great head of hair. You make grown women jealous!
I know I say this every post, but I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are in the 23% for weight and height. So are you a munchkin. Your head is normal. At this point Graden's head was the size of a VERY ripe melon. ;) You cried like a big boy when you got your shots today. I am so sorry. Nothing can ever prepare me to console you enough. For a boy who rarely cries, it kills me when you really break down. You are sleeping through the night almost every night. Thanks for that. Try to talk to you brother for me ;)
You are a very loved child. You are wanted and needed in this family. You are the light in my eyes Burke. For ever and eternity~
Love Mama

All FOUR kids take ONE:

Take TWO:


Ahhhhhhh Screw it!

1 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Mark and Lachelle said...

Ahhhhhh screw it! Classic line! Gotta love trying to get all 4 smiling for the same picture. Good luck with that! And yes, I'm one of the grown women that is very jealous of Burke's hair!
What a cutie pie he is!
And remember how I said he and Camden were twins? Yup, Camden likes having a blanket or a burp rag over his face....weird little boys ;)

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