Thursday, April 21, 2011

{FOUR heavens sake}

I specifically told Graden to quit growing. Then yesterday he went and turned FOUR on me. Seriously? Four? That cannot be right!

Let's play "Did you know".......

Did you know that I got pregnant with Graden AFTER Jason lost his job?

Did you know that I was so violently ill that I could not stand up straight for almost 7 weeks?

Did you know that I had to go to the ER just to be filled up with liquids so I wouldn't die of dehydration?

Did you know that we sold our house and moved while I was pregnant with him? Packed up an entire house 7 months pregnant and had TWO Two and a half year olds!

Did you know that while prepping for my c-section I had an allergic reaction to some medication they had given me and I stopped breathing?

Did you know that every single night this is the face I see?

Did you know that Jason and Graden are best friends?

We are so lucky to be Graden's parents. He is a very good boy. He can be kind and mean all in the same 10 minutes. He can be hilarious daily. He hates bedtime. Loves tubby time. Sometimes loves Primary. Loves BBQ chips. Hates almost everything for dinner (But does not complain). Loves Burke, until he wrecks whatever he was playing. Loves his sissies, until they boss him around one too many times. Loves to snuggle me at night to avoid going to bed. (And I soooooo fall for it every time)

We had a very low-key celebration last night. A few gifts, cupcakes, dinner, and Chase came over to say hi!
Chase got him a fishing pole that I already had to super glue back together! (It was that popular) And two pictures in frames. It was awesome. I wonder how many times he will ask to go to Chase Browne's before it sets in that they moved?
I headed to mutual after the little party. Stacy had prepared a lesson on Finding Christ. It was awesome. At the end we blew out eggs. To represent the empty tomb Christ was not in, although still sealed closed. Let's just say that being in a bathroom with a bunch of teenage girls is really.........LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Tonya said...

aw! Happy Birthday Graden! I can't believe he's 4! Right when you had him was right when I started to get to know you! I remember meeting you at the wrestling banquet right before you had him!

Kirsten said...

Happy Day big-little-G :)
{where did you apply your font? I LOVE it... mine is always so boring but the only fonts I can find are basic!!}
ttyl LUVS

Laura said...

What an ADORABLE kid Graden is. And I did know most of those facts about how crazy your life was when you were pregnant with him. The things we are willing to go through for our children...

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Graden! You are so stinking cute!

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