Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gettin' the hang of it...

Well, it's amazing what can happen when you jump into something head first! Like me and blogging! I am usually in bed shortly after I put the kids to bed, but now I am up checking on my blogging friends! I even have 2 of my 3 older sisters blogging! It's like wildfire! (nudge nudge Julie!)
We are all doing well! Gearing up for Girls Camp! I am the 1st counselor in our wards YW. It has been the MOST fun ever! I have never enjoyed my calling or the gospel as much as I have in the past few months! It will be crazy. Jason also has a wrestling camp that same week. Our kids will be bounced around friends and family that week! Keep them in your prayers next week! And me too! I have not been camping in forever!
My hopes are that you are all doing well! Stay in touch! Love ya!

4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Natalie said...

Eric and I were just saying tonight that we wanted to go camping! Guess I'll be having to wait a little longer to do that :) Well good luck next week and hopefully your kids and you will survive!

Angie said...

I'm so jealous!!! I want to be in YW! Have fun and good luck!

Mark & Lachelle said...

Yeah, someone should have warned you about how addicting blogging is! I'll find myself getting on "really quick" to check my blog...and "really quick" turns into 3 hours! Another time consumer: blog stalking!

Tonya said...

Way to go with the camp! I just got back and it was great. Your kids will have a blast with their own little vacation! I know Collin really appreciates Jason helping out. Anyway, have a great week!

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