Friday, July 18, 2008

Girls Camp 2008!

Favorite camp moments.....

* Horseback riding! (Annie was mine!)
* Getting nailed in the face with marshmallows by the BISHOP!
* Washing my feet in freezing cold creek water! (hold the parasites please)
* Trying to sing in a round! (ear plugs anyone?)
* Splattering my husbands wrestling sweatshirt with bacon grease! (Sorry Jab:))!
* Making Tiffany laugh! (Rana and Diley!)(inside joke, sorry!)
* Seeing my BEAUTIFUL children in one piece when I got home!
* Watching the Bishop and the Young Womens President act like Gangstas!

2 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Dahl Family said...

Your pictures are AWESOME!! You are on the ball! I am still laughing everytime I think of Rayna and Diley!!!!! You are amazing! I had a great week with you!

Laura said...

Holy cow! Your blog is different everytime I check it out!!! I like this one. Your family is so adorable.

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