Sunday, July 13, 2008

"More, Please?"

My little dude Graden is getting pretty darn good at asking for MORE! The best part is that he say's Please too! I shuffled the pics around a bit but the one where he is tapping his finger tips together is "more" in sign language. Then the one where he is rubbing his chest is "please". It's my favorite thing other than growling that he does right now! It's funny cause he has big ol' sausage fingers and fat mitts, but he so daintily asks for more! We all laugh when he does it!
The other pics are from this weekend!
I love the ones of the little "tree huggers"! The girls kept stripping the leaves off this beautiful maple tree out in our common area. After they started hanging on the branches I tried telling them that the tree was a living thing! That it had feelings and they were hurting it. They looked at me funny and then Nattie just went up and hugged it like she had really hurt it's feelings. The second picture of Taylor is a little more staged, hence the drama, but still just as cute! I guess we get to our kids one little precept at a time!
We are gearing up for next week! I'm sure Jason is excited for the wrestling camp. We really enjoy being Centennial Patriots! You would not believe all the MAROON AND SILVER we have in our wardrobe. I get sick of wrestling during the season, Jason is gone a lot, we are on the go, some late nights, but it's amazing how you miss it when it's not around! (kinda like being pregnant:)
Anyways, if you are reading this post you know I changed my layout ONCE AGAIN! I'm sick. At least they are free! That way I don't feel nearly as guilty!
Hey, lot's of love, Alli

4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Angie said...

So, so cute! Have you taught all the kids sign language? I'm so behind the times!!!

Mark & Lachelle said...

You change your layout just as much as I change my hair color! ;)While we're on the subject of trees, I'm sure going to stop tearing off the leaves of trees!! Gosh, I feel guilty now.

Natalie said...

So cute! I love how all 3 look so much like you!

Leah said...

I am loving that pic of Graden. He is seriously a cutey. And so true about the pregnant comment. Why in the world would we miss it? But I see a cute prego chick and I think Ahhh how cute! Stop it Leah, stop it. Good luck next week.

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