Saturday, September 6, 2008

AmAzInG JuMpInG CouSiNs, Centennial Football and TIME OUT !

*Busy weekend! On Wednesday I had my sisters boys so she could get her hair done! My house is so small that after we ate her yummo home made tacos we headed outside! I thought I would encourage some creativity so we started a jump a thon! The craziest, silliest, wackiest won! (ok, they all one)
*We also went to a CHS football game! FUN!
*I was lucky enough to get the day off work (thanks Pat) and was able to go to Time Out for Women and Girls! I had a great time. But I am not going to lie, it was more about girls than women. It was all great things to hear, especially because I am in Young Womens, but I would love to have heard more about marriage or motherhood, or WHATEVER! Oh well! Still a fun day without kids!

1St Centennial football game of the year! GO PATRIOTS!

Jenny Jordan Frogley

Sarah and Jenny (sisters)

Anne and Sarah

Alli and Anne

Time Out for Women and Girls 2oo8!

5 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Jennifer said...

Holy jumping kids! Those pictures are awesome! I love Natalie's little ballerina pose. I can't believe you caught that - what fun. Glad there were no broken bones!

The Cutler Family said...

Hey Allison! I was blog hoping and happened across you!! Your family is beautiful. Hope you are doing well!!! Andrea Cutler

Leah said...

Man, those are some talented kids! I'm with Jennifer, can't believe there were no ER runs! And what's Time out for women and girls all about? It sounds like fun. BTW you look so cute in a hat. Wish I could pull that one off!

Tonya said...

Crazy kids!
I'm sad I missed you guys at the game but have a feeling we will be spending much more quality time together at future fundraisers .. .
You should go to regular time out for women! It's all about moms--so much that I felt a little dorky being a "not-mom." :)

Joleen said...

I wanted to go to time out, but my husband made plans to take Devin to "Man Camp", so the girls & I had a fun Friday night then went out to lunch with my Mother in law on Saturday! Yipee! :)
BTW- Loved your hat on Wednesday at playgroup!
Have a fun day home today!

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