Friday, September 26, 2008

My Tough Turkey and The Great Twinky Debate....

Ok, he is almost 18 months old and as of yesterday he was still using a bottle! I know, gasp, choke, scold, and try working a 40 hour week and ween your BABY off the bottle. (Haa... gottcha!) I know it was just easier for us all to give him a bottle, but I went to WalMart and stocked up on some sippy cups and TOSSED THE BOTTLES IN THE TRASH!

Graden has also realized that if he pulls a small stool up to the counter he can get way more "involved". Smart boy. :(

Here is another cute one of him at the fire station. Which I need to clarify something. Ladders are on the fire TRUCK not engine. (There you go Honey, happy now?)

This pictures kinda shows my son's bright, happy, content personality. YEAH THE FREAK RIGHT! He tipped over his truck thingy and just screamed at it. Oi Vey!

There ya go Buddy, that's what it's for!

Jason thought for sure the girls would love a good sugary creamy yellow Twinky. Well, like mother, like daughters..... NO WAY! They were not impressed! Sorry Daddy! I guess you can have the left overs..... hey wait.... that was your plan all along! :)

4 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

sherman and juliette said...

Good for you, throughing the bottles in the trash! Katelyn is more than attatched to hers, but you better believe I am fighting that battle everyday. Oh the joys of motherhood!!

Harry and Jill said...

ahhhh, the girls know what's good for them. Stay away from the twinkies. Graden is so cute. Harry likes the fire helmet.

Leah said...

R U serious?? Who doesn't love a twinkie?!! You weirdo's! Good job on getting rid of the bottle cold turkey. I swear by that method. He is such a doll. I love his great big eyes and those long die for!

Claire said...

My kiddo is more than 18 months and I stay home and he still will only drink milke from a bottle. What is my excuse? I'm going to walmart right now. twinkees are gross!!!

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