Friday, September 23, 2011

Better Days.....

I know that they are ahead....I just have to keep pushing forward!

{The Story}

I have started running!  ............................................  Did that allow for enough time for you to get back in your chair????  Carrying on....

I run at night and Jason either follows me on his bike with a flashing light (for safety, not too warn people I am coming) or runs with me.

On a whim I decided to run further than normal.  I got into the subdivision behind us and a little black and white Boston Terrier runs up to me.  There were people up ahead of us and I thought it was theirs.  Turns out THEY thought it was ours.  Honestly, I think they were just happy that it was no longer their problem. For sure the dog was going to follow us.  It looked as though he had broken a run leash of some kind cause it was still attached.  The only problem was that I intended on running up to Locust Grove.  That road is busy at any hour.  Jason was afraid it would get hit so we cut through the school and back home.  We got the dog some water and I took a picture of it to post on FB.  I was actually worried that it was one of my friend Julie's dogs.  They have 2 that look similar.  I did not want to have the dog get hurt, especially if it was hers.

ANYWHO'S......  The dog was barking up a storm all evening.  Jason got out of bed at 11 and took the dog back to where we had found it.  (Not the most shining moment of character, but we were worried our neighbors around us would freak....and we could hear him over our we knew he was loud).  Our neighbor Paul saw him when we had jogged home.  So that morning I got a text from his wife Sarah saying that Paul thought it got out of our gate last night and put the dog in his backyard.  (AREYOUKIDDINGME???????)  It can run back to our house, but NOT IT'S OWN????????  Gimmie a break. So Jason goes over and gets him from their yard (cause he is royally bugging their dog) and puts him in our back yard.  This is all just till we can either find the owner on FB or Craigslist.  OR CALL THE POUND.

Later in the morning as I was getting ready to leave I glanced out to make sure all was well.  I saw that the dog got wrapped around our small picnik table so I went out to free him.  That is when I saw Cowboy (our bunny).  That dog had killed him.  K.I.L.L.E.D him.  To say that I lost my mind was an understatement.  I nearly died.  Thankfully none of my kids knew what happened.  The girls were already at school. I hysterically called Jason and screamed and bawled what had happened.  I ugly cried all the way to my friend Jacki's house.

I am just so mad.  I tried to do something good for another person and I got punched in the face. HARD.  Our whole family did.  I was so shocked at the compassion of friends.  My sister and my friend Ursula (my YW's president) offered to come and "clean things up" for me.  Seriously?  Who does that?

When the animal shelter people came to get the dog I was further traumatized when she said, "Oh, I know this dog.  We sit it about once a month!"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME AGAIN?????????????????????  I know that this entire thing is just a terrible turn of events.  But so sad none the less.  Our kids are really bummed that now we have "no pets".  Jason took care of Cowboy when he got home.  He thinks the dog broke his leg and Cowboy bled out.  Not that it helps me in any way.  I feel totally responsible for the entire thing.  STUPID!  UGH!

Moral of the story?  I'm not sure.  Will I still help stray dogs?  Probably.  Will I think things ALL the way through before I just toss something in my backyard?  Heck yes.

Thanks for your kind words on FB, and the cookies and hugs.  They mean a lot to a hurting Mommy.


3 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Guy and Mallory said...

That's so terrible. I'm so sorry :( You're such a good person for helping that dog. Its owners owe you a serious apology!

Cherie said...

OH my gosh that is all so horrible. HORRIBLE!! Poor little bunny.
That kind of thing just really gets you, when you do something so kind and it bites you in the butt.
Don't quit being kind - it is a wonderful thing about you and it won't always turn out like that.

Laura said...

I'm so sorry about Cowboy. He really was a terrific little bunny. Perfect for your family. I wish I had some magic words of consolation to make it all better. You are one of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met, and that's what makes it so easy to be your friend. I'm sure better days are just around the bed.

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