Saturday, September 24, 2011

Celebrate with me!!!

I decided that this was the year I was going to take the girls down to the Women's Fitness Celebration 5K Run/Walk.  

I threatened their lives that if they complained they could not come back with me till they turn 11!!!  I think that did the trick!  I got them some fairy wings and matching tutu's and they were in heaven!  We rode the shuttle bus to the park and had a really fun time.  

As I have gotten older my anxiety has increased 10 fold.  Especially if it is out of my normal routine.  I was doing really well until the Life Flight helicopter did a fly over.  It just hit my panic button!  I was just praying it did not crash.  (I know that is terrible and morbid.  I think I have a thing called "Bad Thoughts OCD")  

The girls griped a few times but it was legit.  We waited in the same spot at the starting line for over an hour.  And mostly in the shade.  So it was chilly!  

Once we got started they were awesome!  They received several comments of how cute they were.  I could not agree more!  

Cute huh?  

3 SAY WHAT??????????????????:

Cherie said...

They are darling - All of you are darling!
I wish we would have seen you guys down there - Katie and I did this too and it was so fun!!!! We were in the blue wave.
Next year I totally want to dress up in something cute or shimmery or crazy :-D

Guy and Mallory said...

how fun! what a neat thing for you to do with your girls. and don't worry, I think everyone has anxious thoughts to some degree :) I'm right there with ya.

Leah said...

You and your girls are way too cute!! I loved the Womens Celebration. Always a good time.

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